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Live Your Life

I know the title of this is ‘Live Your Life’ but firstly, I’m going to talk about the beautiful Ella Yelich-o’ Connor. I know it’s a strange combination but just read on! ūüôā

I heard Ella’s songs a LONG time ago, a long long time before her debut and before she got famous. Now she has become very ‘mainstream’ (according to many people) and I’m very very happy for her success! I love her songs and I have always thought that she deserved much more attention and that she be noticed because she is such a talented young girl. I love her and her songs because they’re so catchy and meaningful. My personal favorite from her is Tennis Court. I waited for a long time for the music video and I had high expectations. When the music video got released, of course I knew that she wouldn’t disappoint me. That is by far one of the most amazing music videos I have ever watched on Youtube. But of course not everyone will like the music video. It depends on people’s style; there were people who absolutely HATED the video and there were others who were¬†MIND BLOWN¬†by it (like me!)¬†

I believe that Royals is Ella’s most famous song. The song is a brilliant one and her music video… oh my god it blew me away! After watching the video and reading the description box which talked about the meaning of the video and song, I was just stunned and my respect for her grew more and more!¬†

I’m very aware of her ‘foolish’ and ‘rude’ actions but still, my love and respect for her remains the same. For those who don’t know what those actions were, it was that she insulted Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. I love Selena too and I was impressed by how she reacted to it very calmly even after she sang Royals at one of her concerts (:O) but I don’t dislike Ella after she insulted another one of my¬†favorite¬†people. I mean there is no such thing as ‘perfect human beings’ in the world. Of course there will be people that we dislike or even HATE in our life. There will be some people who we dislike, no matter how hard we try not to. And I think the only solution is to not let the person/people get to you. All you have to do is not get involved with them! However if there isn’t any choice then oh well! There are 6 billion people in the world and letting that one person¬†ruin¬†your day is SUCH A WASTE! Isn’t it? So the best thing to do is to live your life for the good things. Don’t let anything kill your vibe! Be groooovy! Have class x

Bye-bye. I hope this have (maybe) helped somebody out there who have read this. Have a wonderful day! 

p.s. for people who doesn’t know who Ella is… she’s Lorde!

& sorry for changing the topic of the post from Lorde to living your life LOL! That was random but oh well…



Hi everyone! This is my VERY first entry and I’m super excited to be posting more on my blog and keeping it updated regularly! This whole thing is pretty new to me so I’m still exploring and all that, but it sounds interesting. I was inspired to make a blog by someone from my school. I was pretty shocked because i would have never expected to be inspired by someone who i didn’t even know at all! :O¬†

So this blog will be something like a diary. I’ll be posting about things that happen around me and my point of view on basically everything! I know a few friends who have blogs and I love reading their blogs because it’s just so much fun! I used to read blogs and update myself with everything they posted but I have stopped for a while now (I have no idea why.) So now, I don’t know any good blogs. I hope to find some soon so that could be my guide to making my blog really nice!¬†

That’s it…for today’s post! Bye x