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1. Flirt too much
A little flirting is great of course…but too much might scare him off! He’ll freak out. What do you mean by too much? Well for an example…when he stares at you don’t stare at him back and give him a wink or don’t go straight to hugging when you’ve met him first. Something like that, you get my point! (By the way winking is a little too much for a first date)

2. Wear too much makeup
This depends on the guy but in general no one will like to touch a cakey face, let alone make out! Also…don’t put too much gloss or red lipstick on your lips, guys wouldn’t wanna french kiss a girl with a lot of product on her lips because he will get them smudged all over on his face and mouth…yikes! Makeup is good because it’s fun and it makes a girl feel better about herself but keep it light and simple. Make it look natural when you’re on casual dates but if you’re at a fancy party then its time to dress up looking…magnificent!

3. Order things with garlic or onions
Eating foods with onions or garlic in them with give you a little stinky breath and no guy likes a girl with horrible breath. You might accidently get very close to that special guy so you gotta be careful! Always brush your teeth, get mints and put on deodorant! Boys like hygienic girls!

4. Talk about your girlfies all night
It will bore him to death! Make sure that you’re not talking too much about yourself. Let him talk too! Ask him questions and get to know each other more. The more you learn about each other the more you will know how to make the right choice.

5. Wear overly revealing clothes
You might think that showing a little skin and all that might be flirtatious and that is good! But wearing overly revealing is too much. You want to leave it to the guy’s imagination πŸ˜‰ (it sounds really wrong but you girls know what i mean right?!)

6. Fake laugh
Laughing is good but fake laughing is a NO NO. It might be really obvious to the guy and you might not know it…well you dont wanna hurt his feelings right?

7. Bring your girlfriend
You might feel very shy on your first date but there are some things that you have to do by yourself. Don’t bring your friends…your boyfie might feel awkward 😦

That is it! Have fun and goood luck ladies x


δ½ ε₯½ε—οΌŸ

ζˆ‘ηš„εε­—ε«… No dont worry i was joking! Im not gonna write it all in Chinese and leave you wondering what the words even mean haha!

I realised that i’ve been writing A LOT of ‘day’ posts so i’ll try my best to write more of other stuffs.

I just wanted to update you by saying that i watched Catching Fire! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ i loved it!! I was disappointed with the ending though…because it ended very ‘weirdly’. I dont know, like they just cut it off there because they didnt know whereelse to end the movie…? Well yeah that was how i felt. But generally i liked the movie! It was great. I dont know if i liked the book or the movie more. The casting was alright and the plot was quite good. The effects were crazy good! Oh and how well the people made the blister kind-of-thing on people’s body after they got in contact with the fog!!?! Like whatttt omg they did those really well it looked so real!

Im pretty sure you wouldnt understand what on earth im saying unless you watch it. So go watch it ASAP!

By the way im going for zumba tomorrow…EXCITED! πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š i’ll tell you all about it after the class.

Have you got all festive and starting decorating your house with Christmas things? If not start soon! There’s less than a month till Christmas and the big day only lasts for 24 hours so better not waste itπŸ˜ƒ

Bye i’ll chat with ya soon x

Hey there

So it’s been better i guess… I’ve been meeting up with friends and all that so i guess that sorta helped – in such a way that it distracted me from thinking such sad thoughts…not in a way that i told them hahaha NO WAY. I didnt want to bother them.

Anyways hanging out with friends is fun! It depends on WHO of course but it really keeps you active and everything…it doesnt make you feel alone. I’ve been hanging out with a lot of DIFFERENT people, not the same because idk that might get a little boring and its a good time to catch up on the other friends! πŸ˜„

Im so damn nervous for year 10 but i’ll just hope that everything will flow smoothly and quickly. Phew…the whole thing ( college, career, high school, exams, studying in general ) can be really stressful and just torture and destroy you 😭

I watched Carrie and it wasnt that scary as i expected haha! It was alright in general…i fell in love with Sue the moment i saw her!!! Omg 😍 she’s so pretty and tall and slim and just…oh gosh πŸ™Š i want to be like her.

HOLY SHIIIIT i fell in love with Alli Simpson’s latest song: Notice Me
The lyrics are so cute and sweet, the music video is so romantic and ‘cheesy’: the plot is about a girl (alli) that does all sorts of things just to get a guy’s (tanner) attention. i wont say anymore! Just watch it and support it and don’t give hate. Theres quite a lot of hate on Youtube in the comment section about her using too much auto tune… Well almost all singers use A LOT of auto tune and its just ridiculous that they’re picking on her like that. Oh well…haters gonna hate! Check out Alli Simpson’s ‘Notice Me’ from her channel πŸ‘‰ here πŸ‘ˆ
I also wanna give a shout out to an amazing writer: Sophie Kinsella! Most of you guys would probably know her but for those who don’t, she wrote many books that are bestsellers such as ‘i’ve got your number’ (which im reading), ‘Can you keep a secret?’, and her famous Shopaholic series which got made into a movie starring Isla Fisher called ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’. I liked that movie…The Girl in the Green Scarf!! πŸ™Œ

That is all! Bye xxx

Today Was A Shitty Day

Yes, the title said it but im gonna repeat it again. Today was a total shitty shitty day. Its been so long since i’ve felt this ugh. This is a negative post so i dont think you should read this haha. But i’ll try to keep it light and not-so-negative…lol!

So i fought with my mum really bad today and just typing this out makes me feel like my intestines are going to jump out of my body because i hate even thinking about the fight. My period’s coming soon so my hormones are acting up and everything omg i just can’t concentrate on anything. Im listening to all of my fav songs on my ipod to make me feel a little better but its not working at all. My heart feels very bottled up and heavy. Im trying to control this horrible feeling but…*sigh*

I cant let it out because if i do, i’ll probably blow the house up because thats’s how angry i am. I dont wanna do anything and just sleep forever. I hate feeling this way and i hope that it’ll go away soon. 😞

That is all.

P.s. I can’t wait for catching fire! Are you excited for it too??!!!? 😍😍


Salut tout le monde! I’ve been learning a little French and German online and it’s really fun! I love hearing foreign languages…they sound so cool πŸ˜‹

I don’t know what time is it where you’re staying at but it’s night time right now for me. I’m really tired so i’d better get ready for bed. I did a little workout today and I’m happy because I always get lazy so its a rare thing for me to workout.

By the way i STILL have not got my cactus yet dang it! I wanted to go to the shop but they’ve cleared the cacti to some storage place to make space for Christmas decorations. WHAT?! It’s still November and they’re selling Christmas stuff already?! Oh my… *sigh* AND WE DON’T EVEN CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS HERE BECAUSE IT’S A MUSLIM COUNTRY! 😫 i want my cactus…

My iPod battery’s dying so I should go charge it and give it a good rest because I’ve been carrying it everywhere with me today – it was a pretty busy (yet boring) day for me. Good night pretty ladies and gentlemen out there. Sleeep tight xxx


—not my photo—

A piece of advice+a thought from my β€οΈ

μ•ˆλ…• everyone i have a thought for you guys. You guys should comment on my posts! πŸ˜€ i’d love seeing them. I want to interact with you guys…its gonna be fun!

I hesitated before sharing this thought to be honest…because it might come off a little demanding or even rude to some people. However after watching a video that Essena O’neill posted on Youtube i just decided to be brave and go for it.

I think that even making a blog is already being so brave…no? There are so many people on the Internet each day and it’s just crazy to just think that it’s public and millions of people might come across it… even your grandma! So you must always…ALWAYS be careful of what you’re gonna post. Every single time you’re about to post something, stop for a while and think whether you’re gonna regret it or not because just one click and you could be in major trouble. I am not exaggerating! For example, one of my friends posted a picture of her naked accidentally on Instagram when she was drunk… And most of the girls and boys in her class screenshotted it then threatened her with it. They teased her and pulled her hair and made copies of it around the school. It made her go crazy. She was so embarrassed! Everything ended well FORTUNATELY though.

See? The Internet can be such a scary thing brrr 😣 So that was a piece of advice…keep that in mind!


Hallo everyone! Having a good day? Had a good night sleep? Im excited because there is O N E more day till the last day of schooooooooooool! Oh my god i can’t possibly explain how happy i am in wordsπŸ˜‚

We had a class party and played Black Ops, Just Dance 4, etc at school today. It was pretty boring and I had a headache πŸ˜‘ Its just this thing I have where when the classroom’s too loud my mind just goes crazy and it just bursts.

Okay i was kidding about the bursting part but something like that happens. I start having tinnitus, my mind feels light yet heavy (i know that doesn’t make sense but I’m telling the truth), i start feeling dizzy and sometimes i start vomiting. My eyes become blurry and blehhh i just hate it all.

I got some movies from my friend so that they’ll keep me entertained during the long holidays because the next PLL episode is next freaking year. Erghh sometimes i get so pissed.

All of them finished moving from the thumb drive to my file…i’m excited to watch them all!

During the last hour of school today, i went down to the assembly hall with my friends to prepare for some video clip that they made to present tomorrow. It’s the last day of school so we have performances and prize giving day! When i arrived at the hall, people started calling me. I was really confused. They said that they were having the prize giving rehearsal. I was like WHAT?! I didn’t even know that it was happening…no one told me! I quickly sat down and the rehearsal went smoothly. By the way both of the MCs are my friends! They looked so cute on the stage πŸ‘«

Oh i also wanted to say that I’m starting a personal style blog. I got inspired by a lot of people and yeah. It’s not exactly a blog… It’s just a collection of photographs with only me in it. I just use it to show my style and everything. It’s like a fashion diary. The whole thing’s really messy right now and i haven’t got anything ready but soon it’ll settle i hope. Well i’m super pumped up πŸ˜€

I’d be so grateful if you guys follow me! πŸ’— here πŸ’—

I’m getting a laptop soon just after I pick up some contact lenses. Yayyy! And what’s even better is that i get to choose the laptop i want πŸ™Œ Of course there is a price range but still it’s exciting!

I just started listening to Chet Faker and wow he is pretty cool! Check him out guys πŸ‘
Also, i have been using this app called ‘Sleep Meister’ and i love the app logo design! It is pretty good too. It’s a sleep tracker…but not only its a sleep tracker, it also acts a sensor kind of thing and it rings the alarm on your shallowest sleep duration so that you wake up not feeling too tired and you wake up a little happier and NOT GRUMPY. πŸ˜‰ we all had our grumpy mornings and no one likes that. Sooo definitely check that out!

That’s it for the updates on my life and all that. See you later alligator! 🐊

P.s. Yeapp i added a new ‘section’ in my posts on the Day category… Its called: CHECK THIS OUT! I hope you like em 🌻