‘Surround yourself with positive people’

There are a lot of quotes that talk about surrounding yourself with positive people and all that. But whenever i come across those quotes, i sort of get a bit angry…

I think that those quotes are totally BULL and i think that people shouldn’t rely on those quotes because the more you believe in those quotes, the more shit you’ll treat your friends. Because by thinking that way, you’re going to look at your friends and say to yourself, “What horrible friends i have…” And you’re going to avoid your friends thinking that they are negative people and that they are the reason that you aren’t loving and sweet. You’re going to drift apart from everyone and you will try to look for the so called ‘positive people’ that those quotes talk about. But you know what? There are no such thing as perfect positive and kind-hearted people in the world. No matter how nice a person can be, you’ll soon realize that they have flaws too. Everyone in the world has flaws, and if you don’t know that, you’ll be the one that’s miserable because what you’re searching for doesn’t even exist!

The only way to make yourself happy is to change yourself. Don’t blame others for you not being kind-hearted or sweet. You can only change yourself. Change yourself to be more positive and kind-hearted. Of course this is a very hard thing to do (everyone knows that) but it’s not impossible! With determination, anyone can do it. Whether you succeed or not only depends on how hard you try.

So that was my opinion on the quotes. I know not everyone will agree with me but as i said just now it is MY OPINION 😀 Have a wonderful day and start working on your attitude! x


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