Easy-To-Make Pancakes

This would probably be the easiest pancake recipe you will ever see! You know why? It only has two ingredients! Here’s the recipe:

2 whole eggs
1 ripe banana


1. Mix the eggs and banana in a bowl and make sure that there aren’t any banana pieces left!
2. Make your pan greasy by putting butter or spraying it with e.g. PAM or just put coconut oil.
3. Put the fire on low to medium and then scoop the batter and pour it on the pan.
4. Wait for 20-25 seconds and then flip and wait another 20-25 seconds.


I got inspired by a friend but mostly I made the recipe. It’s simple and natural! Not everyone will like it this simple so you can add almond milk or something like that. Change it a little here and there to your liking and make it your recipe! You can honey and cinnamon too. That’s what i did after i made the pancakes. Delicious…

Have fun and good luck! x


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