The photo is a collage that i made so it’s mine. The original photo that i used to edit isn’t mine though, so if anyone knows whose it is then I’ll credit you!

I think that working out is really important and that everybody should workout at least once a week. If you’re always too busy to workout because of schoolwork or work, then MAKE THE TIME! Schedule 15 minutes or more on your calendar on a weekend maybe and don’t miss it!

This post is about running! There are top 15 reasons to run and i hoped that this motivated you to run. If you have thought that running is a waste of time or ineffective then YOU’RE WRONG! Look at the reasons and think again. Of course doing crunches and push ups are effective but running isn’t useless. It helps too! I just wanted to clear that up because I’ve been hearing that running is not worth it. That’s wrong! You should run. However if you can’t run then jog! Or power walk! Just normally walking will do too. Good bye! Start running and get fit x


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