Question of the day!

It isn’t really morning because its around 10.50am now but it’s morning for me! I just woke up and i’m chilling on my bed. I’m really tired but I’ve gotta get out of my bed soon. I was on my phone just now (still am), chatting with my friends and going on Twitter when I came across this thought. How long has it been since I last cleaned my room? Not just dust a few areas and empty your trash can from your room but really clean out your closet, throw away old books, mop the floor, etc! I wanted to share this thought with you guys because…

Cleaning your room might feel just like a chore that takes effort and hard work to you but actually it means so much more. It is cleaning your mind! I know it sounds ridiculous but it really is true. Throwing away the old and unused items and making space for the new is what your mind and your room needs! A cluttered room means a cluttered mind.

I know that this thought is really random but its good to think of questions like these because you’re working your mind!

Anyways that is the end. Have a great day and clean your room! Keep it organized and your mind will be organized too! Ciao x


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