To-Do List During The Holidays

There is 10 days left to the last day of school and i cannot wait! It’s going to be a long long holiday for me and then after that it’s going to be a new year and i’m going to be Year 10. Can you believe it?! Oh my god.

I made a list of what I’m planning to do during the holidays.

During the holidays

• Practice my left hand handwriting

• Read at least 4 books

• Get a cactus

• Clean my room

I’m probably going to get a cactus before the holidays but i just added that to the list.

That’s it for this post…it was nothing much but still i wanted to write the list out. I’m going out for dessert soon so bye!

P.s. I was thinking whether to elaborate on the points but then…nah hehe 🙂



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