Be true to yourself

Hi everyone! I know i’ve not written in a while but that was because i was a little sick and i had activities at school. I didn’t go to school today though…and that is why i’m writing now.

So this post is going to be about being AND staying true to yourself. I find this so important and i think that everyone should live life with this quote in their minds because it is so true and wonderful. Being true to yourself is really difficult as there are so many distractions in life. There are bitches and jerks everywhere, bias teachers and mean principals, peer pressure and blackmailing…ETC! These are some of the things that really pull you away from who you really are and they tear your pure kind soul apart. They change you to be someone that you’re not and the next thing is that you yourself don’t even know who you are anymore. You become detached from your original self and you become lost and confused. And the sad thing is that some people don’t even get to realize that!

So with this quote in your head, stand up for what you believe in and stand alone if you have to. Don’t give up if you have a goal and stay clear, do NOT be blinded by other things that will lead you away from your goal. Love yourself and respect yourself. Never forget who you are.

That’s it. Sorry if that didn’t make any sense to you 😦 Have a wonderful day 😇


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