A piece of advice+a thought from my ❤️

안녕 everyone i have a thought for you guys. You guys should comment on my posts! 😀 i’d love seeing them. I want to interact with you guys…its gonna be fun!

I hesitated before sharing this thought to be honest…because it might come off a little demanding or even rude to some people. However after watching a video that Essena O’neill posted on Youtube i just decided to be brave and go for it.

I think that even making a blog is already being so brave…no? There are so many people on the Internet each day and it’s just crazy to just think that it’s public and millions of people might come across it… even your grandma! So you must always…ALWAYS be careful of what you’re gonna post. Every single time you’re about to post something, stop for a while and think whether you’re gonna regret it or not because just one click and you could be in major trouble. I am not exaggerating! For example, one of my friends posted a picture of her naked accidentally on Instagram when she was drunk… And most of the girls and boys in her class screenshotted it then threatened her with it. They teased her and pulled her hair and made copies of it around the school. It made her go crazy. She was so embarrassed! Everything ended well FORTUNATELY though.

See? The Internet can be such a scary thing brrr 😣 So that was a piece of advice…keep that in mind!


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