Hallo everyone! Having a good day? Had a good night sleep? Im excited because there is O N E more day till the last day of schooooooooooool! Oh my god i can’t possibly explain how happy i am in wordsπŸ˜‚

We had a class party and played Black Ops, Just Dance 4, etc at school today. It was pretty boring and I had a headache πŸ˜‘ Its just this thing I have where when the classroom’s too loud my mind just goes crazy and it just bursts.

Okay i was kidding about the bursting part but something like that happens. I start having tinnitus, my mind feels light yet heavy (i know that doesn’t make sense but I’m telling the truth), i start feeling dizzy and sometimes i start vomiting. My eyes become blurry and blehhh i just hate it all.

I got some movies from my friend so that they’ll keep me entertained during the long holidays because the next PLL episode is next freaking year. Erghh sometimes i get so pissed.

All of them finished moving from the thumb drive to my file…i’m excited to watch them all!

During the last hour of school today, i went down to the assembly hall with my friends to prepare for some video clip that they made to present tomorrow. It’s the last day of school so we have performances and prize giving day! When i arrived at the hall, people started calling me. I was really confused. They said that they were having the prize giving rehearsal. I was like WHAT?! I didn’t even know that it was happening…no one told me! I quickly sat down and the rehearsal went smoothly. By the way both of the MCs are my friends! They looked so cute on the stage πŸ‘«

Oh i also wanted to say that I’m starting a personal style blog. I got inspired by a lot of people and yeah. It’s not exactly a blog… It’s just a collection of photographs with only me in it. I just use it to show my style and everything. It’s like a fashion diary. The whole thing’s really messy right now and i haven’t got anything ready but soon it’ll settle i hope. Well i’m super pumped up πŸ˜€

I’d be so grateful if you guys follow me! πŸ’— here πŸ’—

I’m getting a laptop soon just after I pick up some contact lenses. Yayyy! And what’s even better is that i get to choose the laptop i want πŸ™Œ Of course there is a price range but still it’s exciting!

I just started listening to Chet Faker and wow he is pretty cool! Check him out guys πŸ‘
Also, i have been using this app called ‘Sleep Meister’ and i love the app logo design! It is pretty good too. It’s a sleep tracker…but not only its a sleep tracker, it also acts a sensor kind of thing and it rings the alarm on your shallowest sleep duration so that you wake up not feeling too tired and you wake up a little happier and NOT GRUMPY. πŸ˜‰ we all had our grumpy mornings and no one likes that. Sooo definitely check that out!

That’s it for the updates on my life and all that. See you later alligator! 🐊

P.s. Yeapp i added a new ‘section’ in my posts on the Day category… Its called: CHECK THIS OUT! I hope you like em 🌻


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