Salut tout le monde! I’ve been learning a little French and German online and it’s really fun! I love hearing foreign languages…they sound so cool šŸ˜‹

I don’t know what time is it where you’re staying at but it’s night time right now for me. I’m really tired so i’d better get ready for bed. I did a little workout today and I’m happy because I always get lazy so its a rare thing for me to workout.

By the way i STILL have not got my cactus yet dang it! I wanted to go to the shop but they’ve cleared the cacti to some storage place to make space for Christmas decorations. WHAT?! It’s still November and they’re selling Christmas stuff already?! Oh my… *sigh* AND WE DON’T EVEN CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS HERE BECAUSE IT’S A MUSLIM COUNTRY! šŸ˜« i want my cactus…

My iPod battery’s dying so I should go charge it and give it a good rest because I’ve been carrying it everywhere with me today – it was a pretty busy (yet boring) day for me. Good night pretty ladies and gentlemen out there. Sleeep tight xxx


—not my photo—


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