Today Was A Shitty Day

Yes, the title said it but im gonna repeat it again. Today was a total shitty shitty day. Its been so long since i’ve felt this ugh. This is a negative post so i dont think you should read this haha. But i’ll try to keep it light and not-so-negative…lol!

So i fought with my mum really bad today and just typing this out makes me feel like my intestines are going to jump out of my body because i hate even thinking about the fight. My period’s coming soon so my hormones are acting up and everything omg i just can’t concentrate on anything. Im listening to all of my fav songs on my ipod to make me feel a little better but its not working at all. My heart feels very bottled up and heavy. Im trying to control this horrible feeling but…*sigh*

I cant let it out because if i do, i’ll probably blow the house up because thats’s how angry i am. I dont wanna do anything and just sleep forever. I hate feeling this way and i hope that it’ll go away soon. 😞

That is all.

P.s. I can’t wait for catching fire! Are you excited for it too??!!!? 😍😍


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