Hey there

So it’s been better i guess… I’ve been meeting up with friends and all that so i guess that sorta helped – in such a way that it distracted me from thinking such sad thoughts…not in a way that i told them hahaha NO WAY. I didnt want to bother them.

Anyways hanging out with friends is fun! It depends on WHO of course but it really keeps you active and everything…it doesnt make you feel alone. I’ve been hanging out with a lot of DIFFERENT people, not the same because idk that might get a little boring and its a good time to catch up on the other friends! 😄

Im so damn nervous for year 10 but i’ll just hope that everything will flow smoothly and quickly. Phew…the whole thing ( college, career, high school, exams, studying in general ) can be really stressful and just torture and destroy you 😭

I watched Carrie and it wasnt that scary as i expected haha! It was alright in general…i fell in love with Sue the moment i saw her!!! Omg 😍 she’s so pretty and tall and slim and just…oh gosh 🙊 i want to be like her.

HOLY SHIIIIT i fell in love with Alli Simpson’s latest song: Notice Me
The lyrics are so cute and sweet, the music video is so romantic and ‘cheesy’: the plot is about a girl (alli) that does all sorts of things just to get a guy’s (tanner) attention. i wont say anymore! Just watch it and support it and don’t give hate. Theres quite a lot of hate on Youtube in the comment section about her using too much auto tune… Well almost all singers use A LOT of auto tune and its just ridiculous that they’re picking on her like that. Oh well…haters gonna hate! Check out Alli Simpson’s ‘Notice Me’ from her channel 👉 here 👈
I also wanna give a shout out to an amazing writer: Sophie Kinsella! Most of you guys would probably know her but for those who don’t, she wrote many books that are bestsellers such as ‘i’ve got your number’ (which im reading), ‘Can you keep a secret?’, and her famous Shopaholic series which got made into a movie starring Isla Fisher called ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’. I liked that movie…The Girl in the Green Scarf!! 🙌

That is all! Bye xxx


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