1. Flirt too much
A little flirting is great of course…but too much might scare him off! He’ll freak out. What do you mean by too much? Well for an example…when he stares at you don’t stare at him back and give him a wink or don’t go straight to hugging when you’ve met him first. Something like that, you get my point! (By the way winking is a little too much for a first date)

2. Wear too much makeup
This depends on the guy but in general no one will like to touch a cakey face, let alone make out! Also…don’t put too much gloss or red lipstick on your lips, guys wouldn’t wanna french kiss a girl with a lot of product on her lips because he will get them smudged all over on his face and mouth…yikes! Makeup is good because it’s fun and it makes a girl feel better about herself but keep it light and simple. Make it look natural when you’re on casual dates but if you’re at a fancy party then its time to dress up looking…magnificent!

3. Order things with garlic or onions
Eating foods with onions or garlic in them with give you a little stinky breath and no guy likes a girl with horrible breath. You might accidently get very close to that special guy so you gotta be careful! Always brush your teeth, get mints and put on deodorant! Boys like hygienic girls!

4. Talk about your girlfies all night
It will bore him to death! Make sure that you’re not talking too much about yourself. Let him talk too! Ask him questions and get to know each other more. The more you learn about each other the more you will know how to make the right choice.

5. Wear overly revealing clothes
You might think that showing a little skin and all that might be flirtatious and that is good! But wearing overly revealing is too much. You want to leave it to the guy’s imagination 😉 (it sounds really wrong but you girls know what i mean right?!)

6. Fake laugh
Laughing is good but fake laughing is a NO NO. It might be really obvious to the guy and you might not know it…well you dont wanna hurt his feelings right?

7. Bring your girlfriend
You might feel very shy on your first date but there are some things that you have to do by yourself. Don’t bring your friends…your boyfie might feel awkward 😦

That is it! Have fun and goood luck ladies x


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