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To-Do List Update ✔️❌

I copied this from the To-Do List i posted a whole back when there was 10 days till the last day of school
(I cant believe time is passing so fast. Holidays are ending in two weeks!!!! :O)

During the holidays

• Practice my left hand handwriting ✔️

• Read at least 4 books (2.5/4)

• Get a cactus ✔️

• Clean my room ✔️

• Arrange clothes in wardrobe

• Start tuitions ✔️

I have made little changes to it, adding more points and ticks and all that to show myself what i had and hadn’t accomplished yet.


Good night

Its night time here and I have a huge headache right now. I feel like my stomach is upside down and im very depressed.

I think one of the most saddest feelings is when you feel abandoned. You keep thinking…maybe there’s hope. Maybe he/she never left me at all. Its all a misunderstanding!
But…as days go by that hope starts to disappear and you feel devastated and miserable as ever. I feel awfully sad and i dont think anything could comfort me.

I recently lost a very close friend of mine (this is not why i feel abandoned lol, thats another story) not lost as in like she passed away or she left the country…she didnt go anywhere. But our hearts drifted apart and now i dont even know if we call ourselves friends. We were so close abd we used to talk almost everyday for two years…now we RARELY talk. And that saddens me. Why im talking about her is because she would be able to comfort me…but we’re not friends anymore so there isnt anyone sticking up for me and being my friend. The word ‘lonely’ or ‘alone’ has such a strong power. 😔

Hopefully in the morning i’ll be able to wake up fresh and forget about all my worries.
Thats it gals…if you have ever felt the same way as i am feeling right now 😘 i feel so much better knowing that im not alone.


Hellooooo evryone! Its been a while i know but ive been busy, going out with friends and all that. I did go to zumba once it wasnt really that fun…in my opinion. Thats why i didnt really wanna go the next week.

I bought a cactus at a market! I also bought a pink flower…i forgot the name of it though oops. Im going out with my family to eat bak kut teh later (yay!) and….idk what else is there? Theres not much to tell you guys haha.

Oh remember my to-do list i wrote last time? I bought a cactus, i read 1/4books 😕, and i cleaned my room a little bit (i will redecorate and clean it really well soon no worries!) and sadly i didnt practice my left hand. I wrote a few words at the beginning of the holidays but i wasnt very consistent with it 😦

By the way the holidays are ending no!!!! D: i bought a new uniform so now i have three. I’m very anxious and nervous about school next year. I have to wake up 30 minutes earlier! I hope 2014 will a good and kind year for me. I cant wait for the surprises next year, good or bad.

Bye bye! Xx