Hellooooo evryone! Its been a while i know but ive been busy, going out with friends and all that. I did go to zumba once it wasnt really that fun…in my opinion. Thats why i didnt really wanna go the next week.

I bought a cactus at a market! I also bought a pink flower…i forgot the name of it though oops. Im going out with my family to eat bak kut teh later (yay!) and….idk what else is there? Theres not much to tell you guys haha.

Oh remember my to-do list i wrote last time? I bought a cactus, i read 1/4books 😕, and i cleaned my room a little bit (i will redecorate and clean it really well soon no worries!) and sadly i didnt practice my left hand. I wrote a few words at the beginning of the holidays but i wasnt very consistent with it 😦

By the way the holidays are ending no!!!! D: i bought a new uniform so now i have three. I’m very anxious and nervous about school next year. I have to wake up 30 minutes earlier! I hope 2014 will a good and kind year for me. I cant wait for the surprises next year, good or bad.

Bye bye! Xx


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