Its been a LONG time

Hey everyone! I’m really sorry that i dont update my posts often. I’ll try really hard to keep writing posts so yeah. Sorry again.

Anyways……HAPPY NEW YEAR! Its a new year (2014) and its time to start fresh! Make new friends, more memories and definitely more experiences.

School starts tomorrow for me so im a little anxious about that but we’ll see how it goes. I bought school stationeries (a thick book for my notes, four pens; 2 blue 2 black, a ‘diary’ and a planner [the germans call it a timer apparently-my planner’s from germany]

I cant wait to experience good and bad things which the universe has in store for me. I welcome and appreciate all of them because i know that in the end everything will be alright and it will change me for the better (i hope!!)

Studies are gonna be really really tough starting from this year as im in O-Level now. Scary!

I have to buy a desk calender soon (idk why but its really hard to find for me) and maybe a new school bag?! My books will be so much thicker than last year so i will need to get a stronger and long lasting bag that will keep my books not damaged for a year. It’s going to be hard to find a bag that i will like haha!

Good luck to all of you and bless ya! Ciao xxx


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