The day was going well, nothing very big happened, just the usual things. I picked Red Crescent and Magazine club for my core curriculum activities and Interact for my extra curriculum activity. Im looking forward to it!

Anyways that was totally irrelevant to the point of this post. What happened was, after school i had piano tuition, and after that we (mum,me,sis) went to Sidewalk for dinner. We drove home after eating pasta (all three of us ate pasta-i ate alio olio) and my sister told me that my previous teacher (i wont name any names because that is just plain rude ) is teaching her this year and she told my sister not very great things about me…although i thought i behaved quite well in her class. The teacher never really got mad at me and i thought she was alright with me as she is always friendly and smiling, but I GUESS NOT. I was furious, pissed off and annoyed by the fact that she felt that way about me but never really showed it. She was nice towards me when she taught me English but now i finally know that she didnt like me AT ALL. She said things along the lines of ‘i didnt do well in her class, i didnt get high marks, etc.’ But the thing is, no one in her class ever gets A except one or two at times. All of us would be hoping and hoping to get a B!

So…i was disappointed and pissed off. And then that was when i thought, ‘why am i so angry about such a small matter?’ Why was i so furious at what she commented about me? I started to wonder what had triggered me to feel this way.
I started thinking out of the box and thought ‘oh well, i may not have found the reason why i got mad at that but i can always change the way i think! You can decide whether you want to be in control of your own self!’

Its REALLY REALLY hard i know but if you try hard enough, it comes true. I promise! So change the way you think. Think positive! Be a proton! Send positive vibes instead of negative to others because negative vibes push people away from you. You dont want to lonely!

Start now! Dont wait ❤️


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