Hey hey!! How’re you all doing? I hope good… šŸ™‚ i’ve been crazily busy with schoolwork and TUITIONS this month. I have physics, addmaths, english and music lessons after school. Soon i would have to find chemistry and maybe one more english tuition. I habe to wait for my chinese teacher to come back from china to teach me chinese.

Im sad that i missed the chance to learn flute and BALLET forever. Tbh i teared up shh! I have been wanting to learn ballet for the longest time ever and now its too late. Im in o-level this year and its too late to start any musical/art/leisure things. Its saddens me although i try not to think about it.

I have joined Interact, Red Crescent and Newsletter&Magazine club for the school activities. Today was my first Interact class (?) and i felt very pressured as most of the students were older than me. I felt scared and nervous the whole hour. My first Newsletter&Magazine club class will be tomorrow. I’m nervous and excited about that.

Im happy that i have become more flexible with my body as i have doing yoga for around half a year. I have tried Tripsichore Yoga, Kundalini, Vinyasa and Hatha. I have to say that Vinyasa is my FAVORITE!!! It is so fun as there is a little variety (i absolutely hate it when you repeat the same poses over and over again omfg) i want try gentle flow and yin yoga. It sounds cool. VERY cool.

I really want to be a prefect! I
They are choosing around October which is a long way to go from now but im nervous and scared. What if i dont get to become a prefect?! Omg! :O i dont think i can stand it because this is the last year that you can become a prefect…i think. After this year no more people from our class can be a prefect as its time to choose the lower class students.
I remember the last year when i didnt get picked to be a prefect, I BALLED MY EYES OUT. I cried so hard! D:

I have other goals too, such as becoming the president for Interact, becoming the president for Red crescent at the end of the year, running a marathon and participating for sports day. This is being very ambitious i know but well, at least im dreaming. Everyone should dream! Bye loves x


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