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Spread the love, Spread kindness its free, Love each and everyone……

Have you heard or read this quote before? People always go around saying that and i don’t like it when they do. In fact i feel very uncomfortable because the moment they say that, they become hypocrites. Spread love all the time…… ?! easy for you to say.

These quotes make everything sound so easy and joyful but when you try to make these words into actions…boom! A realization that its not as easy as it seems. It’s really really really hard to do this. Spread love all the time. Be kind to everyone. Etc…especially if you’re in grumpy mood or you feel a little sick. You can’t be smiling and bubbly during those times! Its super hard. And people would come to you and ask, “are you ok? Why do you look so pissed off? Whats wrong? Are you mad? Are you crying? Did something happen?” They ask these questions when its just for example, a stomach ache!

They say: why are so grumpy? Chill dude. Spread the loveeeee.
It sorta pisses me off a little bit because, yeah they have grumpy times too. You know what i mean?

I find it hypocritical, disturbing and annoying to the max. Just a thought. What are YOUR thoughts about this? Spread the love quotes, do you find it fake and impossible or do you follow the quote and live with it? Hehe 😀

Much love, sylv xx



Hey guyzzz! I have been busy these past few days and its been awesome! Last night, I went to the Rotary Night Annual Dinner and this morning, I woke up at 5.30am for a marathon 😀

Rotary Night

I was very nervous about my dress because i hoped that i was right about the attire for the party. On the invitation letter, it had said that the attire was international. I was like WHAT. INTERNATIONAL? I was quite confused but later, I made my decision that it meant wearing traditional clothes. So i wore a hanbok, which is the Korean traditional costume. It was quite fun I guess. There were a few performances ( I felt like performing when I saw them perform hahaha)


I was super excited for it as it would be my first. I was supposed to run with a friend but then she suddenly said that she couldn’t go as she was sick. I felt sad for her but I also got very nervous about running it myself because I dont know how running a marathon’s like. However I still went for it as parents adviced me that I should. As I had no idea what a marathon’s like, I brought my bag thinking that there would be a place where you could leave your belongings and they would keep it for you until the runs over however i was wrong soooo I had to run with my bag 😦 But overall, i dont regret going. It was a pretty short marathon, just 5km! 😛 I met a not-so-close friend who’s older than me so we ran together but then I was slower than her so she went ahead while I took my time hehe 🙂 It wasnt a competitive run so I guess it made me a little relieved haha. The marathon was called ‘Road Share Run’ where its purpose was to raise awareness among runners and motorists alike on sharing the road while observing the safety of each other.

woohoo! running a marathon for the first time is off my list x

My Future Plan

Hey guys this is my second post today. I want to talk a little bit of what i think of joy and happiness.

for girls:

is having curves or being a size zero considered ‘perfect’? what color must the eye color be? fair skin or tan skin? abs maybe? blond or brown or red or black hair? what shoe size? what bust, waist and hip size? height and weight? etc etc…

for boys:

abs? skin color? height and weight? nice jaws? what eye color? what hairstyle? sharp nose? good fashion sense? you MUST be muscular? etc etc…

just look! look at all these pathetic and petty details that the society wants.

some people might have agreed when i said the previous sentence. but think again…what is society? society is made from each and everyone on Earth and we are all included. We make up society and yet we blame society…???!!!!?!#@&*$%

We shouldn’t blame anyone or anything except yourself. But also, dont beat yourself down until you dont even wanna leave home. What would that change? You can’t ignore problems, it will never go away unless you face it bravely. Let light in your heart. Be forgiving and considerate. Even if people judge you for being fake, don’t stop. People’s opinions matter only a little bit. The point is that your opinion matters most. What do you think of your body? What do you want to improve? Don’t ask people about what they think about it. What do YOU think? Its your choice, your responsibility and you have the right to decide whats going to happen.

You are in control and don’t let that chance go away. People’s opinion= 1% Your opinion=99%


Everybody is beautiful in their own way. You might think, that’s what everyone says but they dont mean it. Well i do. I believe that everyone has a purpose in life and that they are good at at least one thing. Find that and that will be your happiness. Let me ask you: What makes you happy? Get a piece of paper and write a list of a few things that make you happy no matter what!

Mine are: warm sun on my skin, the BEACH, singing, jumping around and dancing to loud music, yoga and books. There are a lot of things that make me happy but these are a few of them. Try to be positive and happy for everything. Be excited for tomorrow and love like its your last day on Earth. Spread love.

Sylv xxx

Long Time No See

Oh my god wow!~ How long has it been since i last wrote? Urghh im sorry D: I’ve been wanting to write but then there are so many things that distract me from what i want to do.  I will try try try my very best to keep updating this blog! The reason why im always trying to write is because i like reading what i wrote long time ago and i want to see how i changed from that time till now. You guys should try it too! It brings back sweeet memories! I love feeling nostalgic. That is why i always go through my picture albums once in a while.

So….. i had four tests this week: Economics and Maths test on Wednesday and Chemistry and Biology test on Thursday.

I got my Economics test today and i was very surprised because i scored the highest in the class! 😀 The average mark of the class was 60+ as this is our first year learning the subject and it was quite confusing. So when I received my paper I was very happy. I thank myself and the Universe for all I have and I will continue to aim and score higher. I got four wrong for my MCQs so I hope that in my next Econs test i will get only ONE wrong. LEtS DO THISSSS ❤

Maths test was super duper hard and I had to rush everything because I hate not being to able to finish the exam paper within the time given. I get really pissed off haha! :3 Anyways i was the first one to finish it because i did it very simply and I gave up. I hope that I wont get tooo low :/

I was so angry when I realised that i made a VERY VERY stupid mistake for my Biology test! 😡 The question was worth so many marks and I totally messed up! :O D: 😥 urghhhh. Well there’s next time I guess…

Chemistry test was alright, I hope that I got quite high! But Im a little afraid to have high expectations because I HATE DISAPPOINTMENT.

Today’s Chap Goh Mei, which is the last day of the Lunar New Year and the Chinese call that day Chap Goh Mei. All of my Chinese friends are going out to big dinners with all their family and Im so envoius. Imagine all the gooooooood food ❤ Koreans celebrate it too but unfortunately all my relatives are in Korea so there’s no fun celebrating the last day of lunar New Year with only 3 of my family members.

This will be the end of my post! See you soon! I will write again.