Hey guyzzz! I have been busy these past few days and its been awesome! Last night, I went to the Rotary Night Annual Dinner and this morning, I woke up at 5.30am for a marathon 😀

Rotary Night

I was very nervous about my dress because i hoped that i was right about the attire for the party. On the invitation letter, it had said that the attire was international. I was like WHAT. INTERNATIONAL? I was quite confused but later, I made my decision that it meant wearing traditional clothes. So i wore a hanbok, which is the Korean traditional costume. It was quite fun I guess. There were a few performances ( I felt like performing when I saw them perform hahaha)


I was super excited for it as it would be my first. I was supposed to run with a friend but then she suddenly said that she couldn’t go as she was sick. I felt sad for her but I also got very nervous about running it myself because I dont know how running a marathon’s like. However I still went for it as parents adviced me that I should. As I had no idea what a marathon’s like, I brought my bag thinking that there would be a place where you could leave your belongings and they would keep it for you until the runs over however i was wrong soooo I had to run with my bag 😦 But overall, i dont regret going. It was a pretty short marathon, just 5km! 😛 I met a not-so-close friend who’s older than me so we ran together but then I was slower than her so she went ahead while I took my time hehe 🙂 It wasnt a competitive run so I guess it made me a little relieved haha. The marathon was called ‘Road Share Run’ where its purpose was to raise awareness among runners and motorists alike on sharing the road while observing the safety of each other.

woohoo! running a marathon for the first time is off my list x

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