Spread the love, Spread kindness its free, Love each and everyone……

Have you heard or read this quote before? People always go around saying that and i don’t like it when they do. In fact i feel very uncomfortable because the moment they say that, they become hypocrites. Spread love all the time…… ?! easy for you to say.

These quotes make everything sound so easy and joyful but when you try to make these words into actions…boom! A realization that its not as easy as it seems. It’s really really really hard to do this. Spread love all the time. Be kind to everyone. Etc…especially if you’re in grumpy mood or you feel a little sick. You can’t be smiling and bubbly during those times! Its super hard. And people would come to you and ask, “are you ok? Why do you look so pissed off? Whats wrong? Are you mad? Are you crying? Did something happen?” They ask these questions when its just for example, a stomach ache!

They say: why are so grumpy? Chill dude. Spread the loveeeee.
It sorta pisses me off a little bit because, yeah they have grumpy times too. You know what i mean?

I find it hypocritical, disturbing and annoying to the max. Just a thought. What are YOUR thoughts about this? Spread the love quotes, do you find it fake and impossible or do you follow the quote and live with it? Hehe 😀

Much love, sylv xx


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