Hey everyone its the holidays for me now because our first term just ended (we have four terms sooo yeah) anyways i havent been posting in quite long and im aware of that and ive been feeling really guilty about it sorry!

But im back sooo yeah. Its friday now so that means that the holidays are goinng to end really soon because its school time on monday. Yippeee! No. Its not yippee.

Urgh i dont want to go to school. I dont want to study and talk to friends and socialize and compete and just urgh i want to stopppppppp D: my fear is coming back i can feel it in my blood.

Its going to be the first school exam in may and its only a few weeks away WTF?! I hate it i hate it ;( i havent started studying yet and im already scared! I wanna get high marks….. And its going to get harder every term cause my panic attacks are going to be worse and the questions are going to get harder and trickier and im not prepared. ;(

Anyways enough of that exam talk. The holidays were not that boring because i had to go for rehearsals every day including saturday. I tried on my costume today and it was not good. It was just this plain stinky blue shirt with a ripped jeans knee length that were damp and too big. Oh well….
Oh and we’re having this press conference about our musical, Treasure Island. A few of the cast are supposed to go to the meeting and all of my friends are going except me which is such a relief. I didnt really want to go… So pheww!


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