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Last Day!

Hey guys! How’ve you been? My exams ended today with BM then Mandarin (yes on a saturday dont ask :/) i think i did very bad this term oh god :((((((((((((( ugh

Not in a good mood cuz im tired and angry and pissed and whhaickfhwheidlvuehsjslqlJahagsldhal i just wanna leave already D:

Theres 8 days until the day i leave which is on the 26th ❤️ im definitely looking forward to that… I think.

Nothing really important to tell you, just wanted to make an update hehe 😛 i’m really sleepy gross and tired so yeah! Namaste.



WHat’s up wordpressers?!! ❤ hahaha. yes yes yes i do know how inactive i’ve been lol sorry! i’ve been busy (no actually not very much) studying for exams. Im so so so grateful to the Universe that no panic attacks have happened or anything strange besides getting occasional stomach pains and having diarrhea haha. I remember when I used to have very bad diarrhea stuff before and during exams, a few terms ago. And I hated it so much that I said that anything would be better than the diarrhea so the next term i had a few panic attacks…it was pretty scary but i had no idea what was in store for me the next term (which was 2013 october exams) I had suffered a lot of horrible things during that term and it was a very hard time for me and something that I will definitely not forget.

I was afraid that it was going to be worse this year but surprising no! i was less concerned about my grades and maintaining my rank in my year (which was 1st in class and in the whole year 2nd).  But the results of not really caring much about my grades led to very unimpressive studying hahahaha 😀 so I think that i will deprove a lot this term so yeah. it doesnt really matter to me though, Im ok with deproving 1 or 2 ranks but not like 5 or 6?!!!!! D:

I think that WordPress is a very good way to pour out thoughts that are in your heart or brain, not for sharing and getting followers. I dont even keep count of all my followers haha!

OK, so today was the second day of examinations and today I had Maths and Chemistry exams and it didnt go well AT ALL. tomoroow’s gonna be worse I’m sure. (Economics and Biology) 😥

All the best to me! and 11 days until I go back to my howntown and KL for a day to sHOP YES YES YES YES YAY!!!!! EXCITED WOOHOOOOO I love travelling so so so much! ❤ arghghhhaskdhafhi

thats it! goodbye! ttyl:*