Flew back from paradise

Hey guys! Im back from my annual kl+korea trip. It was super duper fun, i had a great time!!!! I went shopping, i definitely ate a lot (gained A LOT of weight) and went to nice places. My exam results were indeed bad and i will try my hardest to improve!

I consulted with a career guidance person and she said that i had to choose between psychology and nutrition+health because they have different study paths and stuff. I was HEARTBROKEN when i heard that. I know that my biology isn’t good so i had a feeling that nutrition wasnt going to be my future but i had really hoped so. I guess i dont have a choice to study psychology only (im gonna look for another subject that i enjoy to study alongside with psychology soon i think) im now deciding whether to study clinical psychology (my original plan) or to study applied psychology (which is the study of using psychology to boost business or sth like that)

I really dont wanna get into business but applied psychology could be fun as i have always tried to persuade my friend to make a letter company in the future and maybe i could join her and use psychology to help with the business! I really dont know they’re just all random thoughts.

I left my yoga mat and my glasses in Korea (what a stupid idiot) and i feel very very dumb. So im definitely not happy about that.

Thats it. Love ya, ta-ta!! Xx


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