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Good Mornin’

Gooooood morning! Well its almost noon now, but i count that as morning i guess…? Anyways i have been at the Green Heights Mall for like the longest time ever hahahah. I ate 3 pancakes and nuggets and all that goood stuff!

I have some clothes reserved for me downstairs, but i’m still thinking whether i should get it or not. Its a grey crop top, with a slight turtleneck. Its rm35 and erm idk arghhhhh. ‘To buy or not to buy…’ (Hahahaha)

Errr gtg!! Ttyl :*


New easy peasy RE-CI-PE!

Simple Oatmeal Recipe:

•About 1/2 or less of any type of oatmeal (not the instant one)
•The same volume of milk as the oatmeal
•The same volume of water as the oatmeal and milk
•A banana
•Cinnmon (not with sugar)
•Apples (not necessary)

1. Pour the water and milk into a saucepan first, not putting the flame too strong as the milk will burn!

2. After the liquid starts to boil and small bubbles appear, add the oatmeal into the saucepan.

3. It really depends on the type of oatmeal and how long it takes for the oatmeal to cook so CHECK THE BACK OF YOUR OATMEAL PACKAGE. The cooking time will be stated and just follow the time.

4. When it is almost time for the oatmeal to be done cooking, cut a banana into slices and put them into the saucepan.

5. Keep stirring to prevent the oatmeal from burning.

6. You can cut up an apple or half an apple into smaller pieces and put then in your oatmeal for a even mire sweeeter taste. It’s really up to you whether you like apples in oatmeal. My personal opinion is that i prefer the oatmeal with a banana only.

7. After the banana (and apple) have soften, turn off the stove and sprinkle some cinnamon on the oatmeal.

8. Andddddd…..wala! It is finished. Enjoy your meal 😉

Confession time

Hey everyone. ^yes im gonna confess something today^

I have been keeping this to myself because i never really knew if it was really true and i didnt want to believe it at the same time. The confession is that i have had depression for a long time. And the depression wasnt about being sad for a day or two. I was constantly depressed and well…lifeless for more than a month i think. Which means 30 days in row i have felt invisible and sad all the time, which meant that something wasnt right. I hated everyone and everything. I never wanted to hang out with friends. I didnt want to talk to anybody. I couldnt find any reason to eat because i felt that there wasnt any point. And well, i didnt want to live.

If you are feeling this constantly, then i really advice you to talk to someone that you trust or a consultant at the hospital about this matter. I didnt and well, it wasnt a very smooth journey back to being normal.

I dont really remember how i got out of that mess but sometimes when i think of the past, the feeling of depression would sink in and i would remember how heavy and sad it was. It was like this huge weight lying on me. And i hated that feeling. Like absolutely hated it. I wanted it to be gone and never come back. I got rid of it but today was the day of its return.

Today isnt as bad as before as i can feel the depression lifting away bit by bit. i felt depressed today because of a ridiculous reason so im not gonna let it out here because i personally find it embarrassing. I wanted something for so long and i grew attached to something that wasnt even given to me yet, but i had high hopes that i would eventually get it…but someone flew in and stole that thing from me so i was in loss, i felt very angry as i felt very betrayed. Well it wasnt her that manipulated everyone to give that something to her but people voted for her to get the thing instead of me, so i cant really say anything. However that was how i fell into depression all over again. Depression really sucks, i have to say. It sucks everything out of you.

But somehow i believe that i will step out of this mess like i did before and manage to live a better life. The life that i have is definitely not the most perfect life, as i have encountered and am encountering horrible things all the time… But i hope that this will go away soon.

And what’s more heart-stopping is that i have a speech competition tomorrow in front of all of seconday school and if i screw up……. I hope my anxiety wont come tomorrow and i really wish for it to go smoothly.

I have an addmaths test tomorrow also, so good luck to me! I just wanted to share this with you because i wanted to let it out and here i am letting it out. Goodbye, and i’ll talk to you soon.

Oh oh!

I just realised that i have not been keeping up with food recipes and opinion+thought posts oops! I’ll promise to keep up with them real soon. I was chosen for speech in my class together with 2 other people who are both my friends. I hope i get 1st or 2nd 😁😁😁 but anyways the speech topic is globalization and i most probably will make a post on what im or did talk about for my speech (depending on when i post it) and what prize i got (i might get 3rd arghh noooooo)

By the way, i collected a few recipes from Pinterest and also, i have altered an recipe to my taste buds to make a delicious healthy recipe that i always use when i want to eat something filling so stayyyyyyy tuned!!

Gonna update you guys with juicy opinions and recipes soon. Just you wait! Xx

Update on my life!

Hey everyone!! I’ve been trying to carve my career path recently, doing more extra-curricular activites and actually paying attention to the ones that im involved in. Im in the Red Crescent and Interact Club in my school. I also take part in the school’s Newsletter and Magazine Club.

I’ve been thinking and WORRYING mostly about my future. I want to study psychology and become a business psychologist one day. I have always wanted to study health and nutrition but im HORRIBLE in biology so that cant be in my career options anymore. I want to study in KL for 2 years after i finish my IGCSE then head to USA to finish my university for 2 years and then go on for masters for 1-2years while working.

I really want to work and earn money even right now. I have so many dreams that i want to achieve and im worried for all of them yet im quite prepared to reach my goals, step by step.

Im taking my grade8 piano exam this year and i want to take my grade4 violin exam alongside with it however with my year 10 finals and both exam dates are near, im scared that i cannot accomplish all of them. I really want to get Distinction for grade8 piano and for my grade4 violin. Like really really badly. But i dont want to get pressured and stressed out. It’s scary because working for it is hard but also when you dont get those results its disappointing. I really really hope i can get the results i want.

Also, i want to improve my yr 10 school exam results from the first term. I want to get 85 for economics, physics and chemistry. I want to get an A for biology and maths and i want an A+ for add maths. I can do this!

I hope everything goes well!!!!!

Oh and on this Sunday, a friend and I are in charge of a sale by the prefects of our school so im excited and a liiiiittle nervous for that. Its a charity sale for the Cheshire Home (for the elderly and the handicapped) hope this proceeds great woohoo!

Wish me luck for…everything in life! I wish all is well for everyone of you guys yay ❤️ peace out x