Oh oh!

I just realised that i have not been keeping up with food recipes and opinion+thought posts oops! I’ll promise to keep up with them real soon. I was chosen for speech in my class together with 2 other people who are both my friends. I hope i get 1st or 2nd 😁😁😁 but anyways the speech topic is globalization and i most probably will make a post on what im or did talk about for my speech (depending on when i post it) and what prize i got (i might get 3rd arghh noooooo)

By the way, i collected a few recipes from Pinterest and also, i have altered an recipe to my taste buds to make a delicious healthy recipe that i always use when i want to eat something filling so stayyyyyyy tuned!!

Gonna update you guys with juicy opinions and recipes soon. Just you wait! Xx


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