Update on my life!

Hey everyone!! I’ve been trying to carve my career path recently, doing more extra-curricular activites and actually paying attention to the ones that im involved in. Im in the Red Crescent and Interact Club in my school. I also take part in the school’s Newsletter and Magazine Club.

I’ve been thinking and WORRYING mostly about my future. I want to study psychology and become a business psychologist one day. I have always wanted to study health and nutrition but im HORRIBLE in biology so that cant be in my career options anymore. I want to study in KL for 2 years after i finish my IGCSE then head to USA to finish my university for 2 years and then go on for masters for 1-2years while working.

I really want to work and earn money even right now. I have so many dreams that i want to achieve and im worried for all of them yet im quite prepared to reach my goals, step by step.

Im taking my grade8 piano exam this year and i want to take my grade4 violin exam alongside with it however with my year 10 finals and both exam dates are near, im scared that i cannot accomplish all of them. I really want to get Distinction for grade8 piano and for my grade4 violin. Like really really badly. But i dont want to get pressured and stressed out. It’s scary because working for it is hard but also when you dont get those results its disappointing. I really really hope i can get the results i want.

Also, i want to improve my yr 10 school exam results from the first term. I want to get 85 for economics, physics and chemistry. I want to get an A for biology and maths and i want an A+ for add maths. I can do this!

I hope everything goes well!!!!!

Oh and on this Sunday, a friend and I are in charge of a sale by the prefects of our school so im excited and a liiiiittle nervous for that. Its a charity sale for the Cheshire Home (for the elderly and the handicapped) hope this proceeds great woohoo!

Wish me luck for…everything in life! I wish all is well for everyone of you guys yay ❤️ peace out x


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