Oh my! + New Experience

I just realised after posting ‘Urgh’ that it’s been a little more than a month since i wrote (oooops!) so to make up for that heres another post and this topic is something that recently happened.

On the 16th of August, at 12.10pm i arrived at the dentist with my appointment which was supposed to be at 12pm but oh wellsss. A little bit before1pm, i finished my appointment and guess what?!

I HAVE BRACES! I got invisible elastics. I got them both on my upper teeth and lower teeth. For the people who are thinking of getting braces soon or are going to get them soon, heres an inside scoop of what it is, how it feels like and dos and donts!

So first they will put on a mould for your teeth and the nurse would mix various ingredients together and make a sticky paste. The dentist will put the mould on your teeth (one for your upper teeth and one for your lower teeth) and wait until the paste loses its color or sth like that then after getting the shape, the dentist will polish your teeth and stuff to get ready to put those train tracks on.

Next, there would be this blue toothpaste looking thing which is the glue for your braces to stick on. The paste tastes super sour and bitter and argh its just horrible. I tried to not let my tongue touch the paste. After putting the glue the metal cubes are pasted onto the teeth. This blue light which i think is something like UV light is shone on the glue to let it dry into cement. The next stage is quite unclear for me because i didnt really know what was going on but they put in this wire through all the metal cubes pass each tooth and yeah that was it! I was deciding what color i wanted (invisible or white) but in the end i went with invisible. I heard that yellow elastics make your teeth look yellow and dirty which is ‘ewww’ for me so im pretty sure im never gonna use yellow as elastics. Im using light blue elastics next month; the appointment is on 16th of September.

When i first put the braces on, it didnt hurt at all! Everyone that had braces told me that it hurt quite a lot but it didnt hurt at all so i just went on with my daily life until at night, it hit me! The excruciating pain of teeth being under pressure was so hard for me to handle. My whooooooleeee teeth hurt and i couldnt bite or touch my teeth. The first night of having braces was the worst. Brace yourselves guys. The time of pain depends on the person’s shape of teeth and the way the braces are and all that stuff which i dont know in detail so i wont go into that hahaha 🙂

The food is also another important factor. You need to prepare things such as instant chicken soup or mushroom soup or porridge since you cant bite. I usually eat wantan soup and porridge. Remember, theres always a way to eat food in a good yet delicious way!!

So for the teens that are going to get braces in the future….good luck! Im only doing my braces for a year so yay! Remember the younger you are, the less its gonna hurt. But if you put it on when you’re too young, your teeth will eventually change shape and maybe mess up when you get older, even if you have retainers on so keep that in mind. If you think that braces are nerdy or ugly then you can consider Invisalign Teen or transparent braces which in my knowledge is the most expensive choice! Hahaha have fun and take care of your teeth as well as all the parts of your body like your feet or your head, whatever!

This post is pretty long oh my! Anyways see you in my next post :*
—by the way im super stoked for Ariana Grande’s new album My Everything thats coming out in less than a week—


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