Hey loves! I hope you guys had a great day…because i did too!!

The day started pretty early at 8am (actually it was REALLY early for me) and i studied a little bit of Chemistry because we have this topical test coming up and im very sure its gonna be super hard so i realised that i needed to study my ass off.

After that my dad and i walked opposite our house to a restaurant that soon was revealed that it was closed so we walked over to the building next to the restaurant which was a ‘kopitiam’ (open cafe) but there were no seats available. The cafe was filled with so many people that my dad and i had to squirm our way through. In the end we walked to another kopitiam nearby. We ordered a bowl of Laksa each and boy it tasted good! It wasn’t incredibly delicious, it was just the plain old classic Laksa that everyone loves ❤️

After walking back home, i finished my notes on Chemistry then started working out because im going to the beach tomorrow woohoo! Before anyone judges me because im going to the beach on monday instead of going to school… Tomorrow’s Malaysia Day!! So its a public holiday. Everyone would probably use the whole day to study Chemistry and other subjects while im going to the beach buttttt i will study hard and get higher than all of em. Well at least i’ll try. NO GUARANTEES! I hate making promises just to break them *sigh*

Anyways today’s workout has been one of the most intense workouts ever. I guess i was somehow motivated…? I do random things at random times (dont worry until now i still dont understand myself) I did ab workouts then moved on to my favourite hobby, yoga! Oh boy the copious amount of sweat everytime i do yoga is just ridiculous. Its only yoga that makes me sweat so much.

I still cant do a handstand nor a straddle (middle) split to this day. But im going to make it happen!!! Arghhh i will work towards my goal.

Another one of my very desperate goals is to GROW!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA GROW TALLER 😭😭😭 i hate being 5’3 for so long. I want to grow up to 183cm. Its so hard…no matter what i do i just dont grow. 😦 Magic god or universe or whatever, please help me to grow taller. I will be eternally grateful and you know that.

Anyways enough talking of wishes to some magical wish granting god
somewhere in the world and back on my day. After working out and having an awesome refreshing shower, i jumped (not literally obvs lolol) into casual clothes and just lounged around lazily (aka what i do most of my life)

I was planning to go to the park behind my house for interval running then do chin ups at the monkey bars to gain strength for my dream handstand when SUDDENLY… “CRACKABOOOOM!&)@?1?@2(@&”!!$” (and yes that was me trying to put thunder sound into words hehe c: ) rain started to pour as the sky turned dark and windy. I was sad that the rain ruined my day. I even ate banana and drank milk for energy! Huhuhu T.T

Now im in my room sitting at my desk typing words on my ipod. My sister just arrived from her Scouts camp that was an overnight trip. My mum really missed her a lot so im happy that she’s back to make my mum joyful. My parents fought this morning which explains why my dad and i only went out to eat breakfast. The fight was somehow left behind (im pretty sure its not solved) but everyone’s alright so i guess its all good!

Im gonna catch up with my sis then eat dinner after my mum finish preparing. I can already smell all the goodness from here ahh❤️ I might watch a sweet romantic movie after…and depending on my mood, i might type out another post on the computer about something (secret)

Thanks for reading and now you can go on with your daily life while i eat dinner hahaha! Cheers x


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