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Im not very sure about other religions like Hinduism or Taoism or Buddhism so im not gonna add those religions into this post. However i do know Christianity…very well indeed.

This post would be my opinion on Christianity and other religions that are similar to it. If you are very religious and a very UN-open minded please do not read this post because not only will you be offended about your Christianity but your pride too, so good bye! But if you’re an open-minded, here is a little peak into my mind.

I used to be really really into Christianity a few years ago and you might call me ‘crazy’ even. However i never told anyone about how crazy i was for God. I am a freethinker and i was before too, and i will never change being a freethinker.

The reason i was so religious was because that was my ‘dark’ time (kind of) i was young and stupid and all these weird sad things were happening to me and yet i didnt know what to do. Depression hit me. Social anxiety was crazy high! And my depression led to a bit of anorexia then bulimia.

I prayed almost every night crying to sleep and everything was really bad, until i found God. Or should i say he found me. I became better knowing that he is on my side and helping me.

Then i realised that it was me not did it. Not god. God doesnt exist. But thinking in a way that there is god helped me in so many ways because i knew that there was hope. I guess you could say that psychology is involved also, in my point of view of religion. I believe that its something that doesnt exist at all but people believe in it so deeply that they think that everything happens because of them. I dont know, it could be just me and my weird thinking but yeah.

I think that praying is good and it helps i guess. Im not entirely against religion not christianity, so im not an atheist. But yet i dont respect it. I think its really stupid. Yeap, i said it.

That was a short thingy from my thoughts into words. Haha! Ciao x

P.s what are your thoughts?!!



As you can see from the title above, thats right i’m going to kampung. For people who dont know what kampung is, it is village in Bahasa Melayu language.

On the 20th September, saturday. Is is during my school holidays and i have to say that im super stoked for it!!

This project is called The Help Project (the president who’s my friend, and i came up with it!) (i made the logo thingy haha) The interact club will be going to a kampung in Bau, not super far away from our city, and we will have a fun education day. There will be a few stalls which educates the children there about math, science, english and art! Im in charge of the english booth, where i plan to teach them the colours and several fruit names. I’ll be giving fruits out too!

The lil kids there ride motorbikes in the kampung and i really want to learn soo woohoo! I’ll be taking pictures and maybe i’ll make another post about it, with pictures, after the event.

After educating and having fun, we’re going to have lunch which consists of Dayak cuisine (which i have never tried before) so im excited! I hope i like it hehe :]

Im on my way to my tuition so i have to go now, but you can expect a blog post about the trip and all my thoughts and stuff soon. Bye! Cheeeers👊

Chill day!

Hey everybody!! As you can probably tell, i’ve become more active on wordpress lately…and im lovin it! I love having to share experiences not only with you guys but for me too, so that i can read my old posts and remember the sweet and bitter memories of my past!

Today started off at 9am, as i woke up acting groggy and speaking nonsense (hehe) while my dad asked me if i wanted to eat pancakes this morning. I finally woke up and got ready; changed and got my hair outta my face. My dad wanted me to ask my mum to come with us, but she was stubborn and remained at home (i found out later that she ate crunchy peanut butter on bread! Hahaha *just a fun fact*) My sister was heading out to A Day Of Love with her friends which is a charity sale that raises funds for Pibakat. Her friend was going to pick her up so she didnt eat breakfast with the family, which meant that my dad and i were left. We walked across our home and surprisingly, i didnt eat my all-time-fav pancakes. I ate laksa while my dad ate claypot rice! We talked for a bit and held hands sometimes on the way home! Just like we did when i was younger. (Father daughter love❤️)

My dad left for work then my mum and i headed out for Spring because i have been wanting to go lately! We went to Sephora (my first time going!!!!!) it was so beautiful, it felt like home! (As weird as it sounds)

Before we went to Sephora, we went to Speedy to buy My Everything by Ariana Grande! Ahhhh❤️ for peeps that didnt know…im obsessed with her, she’s my idol! I forgot to get a receipt so i need to head back there to get mine before its too late…then laminate both Yours Truly and My Everything receipts!! Teeheeeee 😋

We took the escalator down to Sephora and did a little bit talking and looking around and in the end, my mum bought an eyebrow pencil, i bought an eyebrow gel and we bought mango body scrub for my sis, mum and i! We’re deeply in love with the mango flavour of SEPHORA’s products. (I hate lagoon…i smelled it for the first time and yuck!)

Im still very pissed and worried because i didnt get the receipt for My Everything! Arghhhh😭 also, my first stupid action today was that i brought the tester of mango body scrub instead of the actual one to the counter of Sephora. The cashier laughed at me as my mum turned away with embarrassment. When will i ever be clever?! T.T

I hope i will be able to go and receive the receipt! Good luck to me and good luck to everything you do! Bye x

Mama’s Bday

It was my mum’s 45th (i think) birthday yesterday and we went out for dinner, the three of us (mum me sis) and i ordered bolognese spaghetti, sis ordered grilled chicken chop and mum ordered sirloin steak. It was such a lovely dinner, sharing memories and having funny conversations! My mum’s not pissed anymore and she stopped fighting with dad…phew!! I guess it was for the family and it is so much better and comfortable this way, without hearing them screaming and banging doors (like what i did as a kid). Whenever my parents fought it would be pretty intense but this fight just made me want to roll my eyes at them because their actions were so childish, they were acting like kids! Like WHAT!!!?!

My dad couldnt come to the dinner because of work and if he could have come, my mum wouldnt have wanted to go out for dinner then…so idk.

I Katalked her a message as a birthday ‘present’ in Korean at around 10pm and she replied back the sweetest message ever. I posted it on Instagram, blurring my message because it was personal. I have never gotten such a sweet message from my cold-hearted ish mother so i guess it was a big thing for me.

I love my family yet im sort of embarrassed. I dont know. This is so weird. But i know that im not the only one who feels this way haha! This is it for mama’s bday post. I love her yet hate her! I think i love her more though… Ugh undecisive thoughts!

Bye c: see you in my next post!

Beach Day!

Hey everyone! Dinner last night was really good (i ate three bowls haha) it was just homemade bibimbap which is a korean dish where you mix rice, meat, vegetables and spicy sauce and you can basically add anything you want haha. It tasted amazing!!!

Now, im in my hotel suite in Damai Puri Resort and Spa. I came here since it was a public holiday (Malaysia Day) and i had tonssss of fun at the beach as well as the swimming pool. I did some therapeutic yoga at the beach and got my butt all sandy and stuff *chuckle* it was such a fun and active day. I definitely made memories! My sis and my dad came also. My mum fought with my dad so she didnt want to come (ugh! Such a wet blanket dont you think?!?!) but we had fun so i guess its all good! Yippeee!!

I made coffee for my dad and i made tea for me! My sis is drinking lychee juice which she bought before we checked in. We showered and got rid of the salt and sand and now….we’re just chillin’

We’re going to check out soon and go to a seafood restaurant to eat dinner…which would most probably be a huge crab! Haha 😉 its gonna taste so good. I can imagine already!!

The sun’s going to set soon and we’re going to sit on the sand and watch it before we go off for dinner. Cant wait!

My tea’s getting cold so i better finish drinking it and change for dinner. Im wearing this adorable white-blue gradient sundress with my Nike sports bra… And its the comfiest thing ever! Gotta go now! See you later, alligator xo