Beach Day!

Hey everyone! Dinner last night was really good (i ate three bowls haha) it was just homemade bibimbap which is a korean dish where you mix rice, meat, vegetables and spicy sauce and you can basically add anything you want haha. It tasted amazing!!!

Now, im in my hotel suite in Damai Puri Resort and Spa. I came here since it was a public holiday (Malaysia Day) and i had tonssss of fun at the beach as well as the swimming pool. I did some therapeutic yoga at the beach and got my butt all sandy and stuff *chuckle* it was such a fun and active day. I definitely made memories! My sis and my dad came also. My mum fought with my dad so she didnt want to come (ugh! Such a wet blanket dont you think?!?!) but we had fun so i guess its all good! Yippeee!!

I made coffee for my dad and i made tea for me! My sis is drinking lychee juice which she bought before we checked in. We showered and got rid of the salt and sand and now….we’re just chillin’

We’re going to check out soon and go to a seafood restaurant to eat dinner…which would most probably be a huge crab! Haha 😉 its gonna taste so good. I can imagine already!!

The sun’s going to set soon and we’re going to sit on the sand and watch it before we go off for dinner. Cant wait!

My tea’s getting cold so i better finish drinking it and change for dinner. Im wearing this adorable white-blue gradient sundress with my Nike sports bra… And its the comfiest thing ever! Gotta go now! See you later, alligator xo


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