Mama’s Bday

It was my mum’s 45th (i think) birthday yesterday and we went out for dinner, the three of us (mum me sis) and i ordered bolognese spaghetti, sis ordered grilled chicken chop and mum ordered sirloin steak. It was such a lovely dinner, sharing memories and having funny conversations! My mum’s not pissed anymore and she stopped fighting with dad…phew!! I guess it was for the family and it is so much better and comfortable this way, without hearing them screaming and banging doors (like what i did as a kid). Whenever my parents fought it would be pretty intense but this fight just made me want to roll my eyes at them because their actions were so childish, they were acting like kids! Like WHAT!!!?!

My dad couldnt come to the dinner because of work and if he could have come, my mum wouldnt have wanted to go out for dinner then…so idk.

I Katalked her a message as a birthday ‘present’ in Korean at around 10pm and she replied back the sweetest message ever. I posted it on Instagram, blurring my message because it was personal. I have never gotten such a sweet message from my cold-hearted ish mother so i guess it was a big thing for me.

I love my family yet im sort of embarrassed. I dont know. This is so weird. But i know that im not the only one who feels this way haha! This is it for mama’s bday post. I love her yet hate her! I think i love her more though… Ugh undecisive thoughts!

Bye c: see you in my next post!


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