Chill day!

Hey everybody!! As you can probably tell, i’ve become more active on wordpress lately…and im lovin it! I love having to share experiences not only with you guys but for me too, so that i can read my old posts and remember the sweet and bitter memories of my past!

Today started off at 9am, as i woke up acting groggy and speaking nonsense (hehe) while my dad asked me if i wanted to eat pancakes this morning. I finally woke up and got ready; changed and got my hair outta my face. My dad wanted me to ask my mum to come with us, but she was stubborn and remained at home (i found out later that she ate crunchy peanut butter on bread! Hahaha *just a fun fact*) My sister was heading out to A Day Of Love with her friends which is a charity sale that raises funds for Pibakat. Her friend was going to pick her up so she didnt eat breakfast with the family, which meant that my dad and i were left. We walked across our home and surprisingly, i didnt eat my all-time-fav pancakes. I ate laksa while my dad ate claypot rice! We talked for a bit and held hands sometimes on the way home! Just like we did when i was younger. (Father daughter love❤️)

My dad left for work then my mum and i headed out for Spring because i have been wanting to go lately! We went to Sephora (my first time going!!!!!) it was so beautiful, it felt like home! (As weird as it sounds)

Before we went to Sephora, we went to Speedy to buy My Everything by Ariana Grande! Ahhhh❤️ for peeps that didnt know…im obsessed with her, she’s my idol! I forgot to get a receipt so i need to head back there to get mine before its too late…then laminate both Yours Truly and My Everything receipts!! Teeheeeee 😋

We took the escalator down to Sephora and did a little bit talking and looking around and in the end, my mum bought an eyebrow pencil, i bought an eyebrow gel and we bought mango body scrub for my sis, mum and i! We’re deeply in love with the mango flavour of SEPHORA’s products. (I hate lagoon…i smelled it for the first time and yuck!)

Im still very pissed and worried because i didnt get the receipt for My Everything! Arghhhh😭 also, my first stupid action today was that i brought the tester of mango body scrub instead of the actual one to the counter of Sephora. The cashier laughed at me as my mum turned away with embarrassment. When will i ever be clever?! T.T

I hope i will be able to go and receive the receipt! Good luck to me and good luck to everything you do! Bye x


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