As you can see from the title above, thats right i’m going to kampung. For people who dont know what kampung is, it is village in Bahasa Melayu language.

On the 20th September, saturday. Is is during my school holidays and i have to say that im super stoked for it!!

This project is called The Help Project (the president who’s my friend, and i came up with it!) (i made the logo thingy haha) The interact club will be going to a kampung in Bau, not super far away from our city, and we will have a fun education day. There will be a few stalls which educates the children there about math, science, english and art! Im in charge of the english booth, where i plan to teach them the colours and several fruit names. I’ll be giving fruits out too!

The lil kids there ride motorbikes in the kampung and i really want to learn soo woohoo! I’ll be taking pictures and maybe i’ll make another post about it, with pictures, after the event.

After educating and having fun, we’re going to have lunch which consists of Dayak cuisine (which i have never tried before) so im excited! I hope i like it hehe :]

Im on my way to my tuition so i have to go now, but you can expect a blog post about the trip and all my thoughts and stuff soon. Bye! Cheeeers👊


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