Im not very sure about other religions like Hinduism or Taoism or Buddhism so im not gonna add those religions into this post. However i do know Christianity…very well indeed.

This post would be my opinion on Christianity and other religions that are similar to it. If you are very religious and a very UN-open minded please do not read this post because not only will you be offended about your Christianity but your pride too, so good bye! But if you’re an open-minded, here is a little peak into my mind.

I used to be really really into Christianity a few years ago and you might call me ‘crazy’ even. However i never told anyone about how crazy i was for God. I am a freethinker and i was before too, and i will never change being a freethinker.

The reason i was so religious was because that was my ‘dark’ time (kind of) i was young and stupid and all these weird sad things were happening to me and yet i didnt know what to do. Depression hit me. Social anxiety was crazy high! And my depression led to a bit of anorexia then bulimia.

I prayed almost every night crying to sleep and everything was really bad, until i found God. Or should i say he found me. I became better knowing that he is on my side and helping me.

Then i realised that it was me not did it. Not god. God doesnt exist. But thinking in a way that there is god helped me in so many ways because i knew that there was hope. I guess you could say that psychology is involved also, in my point of view of religion. I believe that its something that doesnt exist at all but people believe in it so deeply that they think that everything happens because of them. I dont know, it could be just me and my weird thinking but yeah.

I think that praying is good and it helps i guess. Im not entirely against religion not christianity, so im not an atheist. But yet i dont respect it. I think its really stupid. Yeap, i said it.

That was a short thingy from my thoughts into words. Haha! Ciao x

P.s what are your thoughts?!!


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