Monthly Archives: November 2014

Candle obsession

I think i have a candle obsession guys!!!! They dont sell bath and bodyworks nor yankee candles here, or at least its hard to get them easily here but i went to Singapore recently with my friends and entered Bath and Bodyworks for the first time and i fell in love!

I couldnt buy a lot of things but i did buy one candle and i know that the next time i go i will buy like 10 more or sth haha! I have mahogany teakwood burning in my room now. I really wanted wasabi apple really badly but they didnt have it in a small size and i wasnt sure what my mum would say if i spent all my money on candles haha 🙂 which was why i didnt buy wasabi apple but i know that the next time i go i will definitely buy that.

Theres actually no point of this post but yeah haha. I love candles!!!


Good news!

Hey guys! Im so glad and happy to tell you all that i got first place for my exams! Im getting my certificate tomorrow woohoo 🙂

Im going to have my piano grade 8 and violin grade 4 exam soon (on the 5th of December) ahhhhhh so so so so indescribably nervous and anxious like you have no idea! Its my last exam of my life so i have this huge burden and pressure to do well and i myself want to do well! I want to get a DISTINCTION for both exams and its so hard 😦

Wish me tonss of luck i need it!! Thanks and talk to you soon xx

P.s. Im starting my job soon and im pumped for it! Even though im not going to earn much haha. Its for the experience, not the money x