Almost one month?!!!?

Its almost been one month since i’ve written. Which means i was wayy too distracted. I may be inactive sometimes…or all the times haha but i swear i wont forget about this and i will write no matter what. Whether it’s two years later or 5 years later. I will write! Its good for me and its a nice healthy way to reflect and see how you’ve grown over the months.

Talking about growing, it’s so so close to Christmas! And sure thats exciting – to most people…but to me it just means holidays are almost over and schools gonna start! 😭😭😭😭 noooooooooooooo i hate school.

I dread going to school, and it hasnt even started yet!! I honestly dont miss my friends like at all and i like the free life ❤️ this is not offensive at all hahah its just therapeutic and really refreshing sometimes to just be alone, meet new people, do something which you enjoy that maybe your friends dont like doing. Its really nice to hang out with the closest friends, i know that because i do that a lot!! (All the inside jokes and laughing at the STUPIDEST things only your friends can understand) butttttt its nice to take a break and really understand yourself again. It may be confusing to some people i know!! I totally understand. But yeah. You’ll only know if you experience it yourself. Get out more. Meet new people. Read more books. Listen to another genre of music. Do stuff!

Whoo that was looong and im glad i got that off my chest! I want to give a little shoutout to RYLA camp 2014 because of how it ‘kinda’ changed my life! It was such a refreshing and different experience for me. And btw RYLA this year was held in Kuching and it was the biggest ever. And THANK GOD i registered for it. I didnt expect RYLA to be like this. It was holy h0ly hOLY amazing haha! The camp itself was the most boring-like srsly boring…but the people and the souls they have was incredible! I’ve never met such a bunch! I knew nobody when i went, except for a friend who ended up in a different group so it kinda means i was alone. Ahh it was so so amazing. I want to go again!!!! But i have a feeling i cant because of school but who knows, if timings all right i will go heck yeah!

Okkkk enough of RYLA hahah that was a lot of ‘holy, amazing!!!, ahhh, !!!!?!!&)@/@!;&, and etc’

Did i tell you my new years resolutions for 2015?! Oh wait i guess i will make another post totally dedicated to it tee hee!

P.s. I’ll tell you my piano and violin exam results in a while! xx

Update* -> piano grade8 and violin grade4 exam both held on 5th December 2014 results came out a little more than a week later: MERIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TIME TO CELEBRATE GAHHHHHHHHH THANK U THANK U UNIVERSE AND MY TEACHER MR LO 💗 i was close to distinction for piano which would have been amazing but wtvs im a happy gal!


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