Oh my god *a mistake!* – 2014 resolutions (last year)

I realised that 2014 resolutions are not on this blog!!! Ahhhhh

2014 resolutions

neater notes for school and cleaner bedroom

2. Stop getting involved in bitching and gossiping

3. Be as friendly as you can

4. Smile more, frown less

5. Dont let ANYTHING ruin you


A. Get a psychologist

B. Start swimming more often

C. Achieve at least 3 things this year

D. Become a prefect

E. Be more adventurous and brave
—–join the school musical
—–join school sports day
Well at least try!


So these are the results:

For 2 the beginning of the year was a tiny bit better but then i just had to go back to the old times-> gossiping

For 3 this worked for a lil bit!! I was nice and kind, no bad thoughts….then went back to normal ahh

For 4 nah

For 5 yes this worked! Like miraculously! Its a secret though 😮

A. I didnt need to get one because i found my stress and anxiety relieving methods. Yoga and singing!

B. Didnt work AT ALL- i never ever go swimming haha

C. Hmmm lemme think
1. I got first this year with excellent results!
2. I managed to get great marks for both my piano and violin exam which was on the same day even though i struggled with both instruments
3. ……… I went to bali this year?? I havent went travelling in the longest time, besides visiting korea my home country and stopping by at kl to shop
So there goes three achievements i guess?

D. Heck yeah i even got it in the beginning of the year which was unexpected because usually prefects are picked during the end of the year

E. School musical yess! And i got a sort of main role and definitely i got the most interesting role of the whole play!!! Even better than the very main characters lol. I didnt get interviewed unlike the main character and only had one scene that was fully dedicated to me…but my role lit up the boring play and yeah. I had to act like a crazyyyy old man obsessed with cheese but yeah haha great times. AMAZING experiences too!

School sports day…no i didnt get it. I got last when i auditioned for it! Ahh it was super embarrassing to be the only runner on the track while everyone has reaches the finish line and are drinking water. I guess sports isnt my thing… I really hoped that it would be tho. I was super super sad about it. Most probably i wouldnt audition for it again next year even though its my last year……. Because of the MAJOR humiliation i got but im still sad. How great would it feel to have that adrenaline to run really well?!! Im a long distance runner btw! If you even consider me a runner… Haha

*i tried!!! For E. Which is great. So a F for my terrible tortoise speed running, zero for high jump because i dont even dare to take a leap no matter how low the bar is😂, super fail for long jump because i was one of the lowest scorers for long jump while all of my friends got great results for long jump, zero for javelin or shotput because if you see how weak my arms are you’ll know haha!

So yeapp this was the oh so boring story! Bye xxx


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