20 Facts About Me

Hey guys! Im back yall❤️

Soooo i thought that it would be fun to do a little random fun facts about me soo here it is!

1. I love eating dumplings
2. My fav colour is pink!
3. I’m never ever a morning person
4. I cry very easily and i cry a LOT
5. I play 5 instruments
6. Scents can change my feelings in one sniff
7. My desk is always always super disorganized and messy
8. I really love travelling. Its my fav thing in the whole world
9. The healthier my hair is, the straighter it gets. It becomes really soft too!
10. I think Cadbury chocolate is grosss
11. I’ve never been to an actual concert before, because i’m not into a lot of artists
12. I love singing
13. I’m obsessed with bikinis and lingerie. I want to have a whole collection and never stop buying
14. I cant stand mint chocolate
15. I absolutely loVE Lush
16. I never finish anything because i lose motivation and i get lazy pretty quick
17. I love doing yoga and one day, i hope to be a yogi!
18. I’m always screenshotting
19. I dont like watching horror movies bc i believe its unnecessary. So i always try to avoid it.
20. Miranda Kerr is God.


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