The title actually means hair but…wtvs haha

There are some times where im not cowardly… Like at all. Its weird because some of the times i can be super scared of everything but other times no. This doesnt include things like scary rollercoaster rides or bungeejumping. I love doing things like that! Which again, is weird, because im brave in that way yet i can be super cowardly.

Ok. So i was skipping rope and i just got really frustrated because my hair kept hitting the rope so i went in my room, grabbed scissors and i grabbed a huge chunk of hair and cut it off. Just like that. The length of hair went from my ribs (does that even make sense? Haha like my hair was at my ribs) to my collar bones.

So i just made my hair to a slightly- long bob when suddenly my sister said, “uhhh you cut a chunk of hair too short….” I was like WHAT. Omg. So i spent quite some time fixing that and now its ok!

So yeahzz. For me, i dont find it scary to cut your own hair just because, IT’LL GROW! With time, your hair will grow longer and if you made a mistake, it’ll be ok. So im always making reckless things with my hair! Luv the short bob! Never ever thought i could pull it off though… This is definitely something different for me, a new look. A lot of people are quite some time getting used to it but i guess they’ll get used to it sooner or later.

Tomorrow is the first day of school of 2015. It was supposed to be on the 5th but because of all the floods, all schools were postponed.

I dont want to study! But ugh 😦 i have no choice. I really dont want to study hahaha. I should stop saying that. Anyways bye! Talk to you soon x


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