Monthly Archives: February 2015

Times get rough

This might be a lil cliche but idk its how i genuinely feel. Here goes….

There are times that are so great and you feel so so happy that u feel like u can just fly!!!!
And there are times that u just feel soo down and later u find no reason to live. And for me, i feel that A LOT.

so if ur feeling that way, remember that ur not the only one who feels/felt that way before. I know exactly how it feels to be worthless and just pathetic. A failure. Someone who doesnt deserve to be living. I know it so well…

And sometimes it just get so hard; you’re so fed up of feeling so sad, sick of crying so much, fed up of not having any appetite..etc.

But theres a reason why ur experiencing this. Take this opportunity/situation and flip it. ‘ think ‘Wow im feeling such a strong feeling’ and think about how you can imply it to other things (GOOD THINGS) !!!

Express your feelings. Turn it into art. Even feeling it is already an art form. So raw. U can use those strong feelings as determination, inspiration and idk just a drive to make you go insane with whatever method ur using to express.
Paint an angry painting, play some sport, do yoga, sing, etc.
Theres so many things. Find your thing and do it well. Trust me, you will soar.


A lot of things happened!

Debate training, prefect training at national school, telematch at st jo, debate competition at Swinburne University, yr13s farewell and Interact dinner at Sanga Restaurant (which is tomorrow night!) and sports day which was today:)
Purple won…again! 5th time in a row! This is my last year, my last sports day and im glad we kept the championship!!

Hope my Add Maths and Maths test turns out ok….im taking them on Tuesday i think. arghh