Big / little Update on My Life

Update! My fav!

Sooo i know i’ve havent been blogging for pretty long so there shud be a lot of stuff to update!

I have my ig trials coming up in july/aug i think. Im not too sure about that. I have my actual igs this oct/nov

But before that i have my school examinations this may!!!! šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜ ahh im so frickin nervous and worried i wont do well! My grades have been deproving like crazy. I hope i’ll do well. I really do.

I wanna study for my exams so much but im so busy with stuff and my poor phone has been distracting me a lot that i just havent started studying:( 

I started working after cny holidays by the way. Which is a good yet bad thing. Because that adds on to the reasons for not studying. I work every weekend at my piano centre! Remember how i told u about my piano certificate? Well after i received mine i immediately started working! Woohoo. That checks off 3 things in my bucketlist.

  1. Get a part time job at 14/15 (15!!!!)
  2. Get my first paycheck! (It wasnt in an envelope as i imagined….but still!)
  3. Work at a piano centre. (It was a dream of mine to put my piano skills to something useful haha)

So yeah thats that. What else..???

Believe it or not, im taking ig MANDARIN exam. Crazy right? And the oral exams are in a few days. Im sooooooo anxious and nervous and worried and scared. Please please please, i hope i will get a high mark. It would be a miracle. The other 3 exams are on the same days as my school exams so yeah. Even more scared.

Theres this talent show going on after my exams called THE NEXT TALENT where there are three rounds: auditions, semi finals and finals! The prize is rm1000.

I was planning to join when they were planning the event but later after everything was finalised, the dates were until june 6 which i would be gone already. So in the end i could not join. But theres the Evening With The Stars which is a concert organised by school every two years. So im going to join that! But the dates could be quite a inconvenience as its super close to my Igcse trials. Omg ahhhhhh so scared for my ig everything.

Im going to Korea right after my exams! Woohooo hooray for that! Might be the last time to go with my family annualy every may/june as i usually would. Because this is my last year in Kuching. Before i do go to Korea, i am going to go KL to shooooop hallelujah. Oh and check out my unis and colleges too! Hahaha


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