made in 2013

  1. Ride in a hot air balloon
  2. Go to a Brandy Melville store
  3. Ride a horse freely
  4. Have 5 cats; black, white (crystal/angel), light yellow (butter), orange with stripes (teeger/tiger), grey (truffle/fleur)
  5. Go running around the neighbourhood in workout clothes 
  6. Get an inner lip tattoo (3letters)
  7. Belly piercing and a lot on ears
  8. Dye hair! Pastel
  9. Get an album of mine🎶🎤
  10. Do a shoot for a store (H&M, F21, Brandy, Etc)
  11. Meet Miranda Kerr
  12. Run on the beach at 5.30am
  13. Be an official yogi
  14. Have the perfect bikini
  15. Be a piano teacher part time
  16. Barista!
  17. Get my first part time job at age 14/15
  18. Drive
  19. Build a mini flower garden
  20. Visit italy & eat
  21. Greece santorini
  22. Travel to india and learn: culture, tradition, dance!
  23. Learn meditation
  24. Volunteer to help children in undeveloped countries
  25. Rescue someone and save his/her life
  26. Go to Machu Pichu
  27. Go bungee jumping! 

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