sunday 1.46am

Thats one day away from my exams! Whooo this anxiety and worry is driving me insane…yet i dont study hard enough. I have economics on the first day. Hopefully, it’d be ok. But what im more worried about is my chinese exams!!!!!! Its the cambridge examinations for igcse: listening and writing on tuesday and reading paper on thursday.

Soososoosososososooso scared! I really wanna do well and make my fam proud✨ because its rare for a person like me to take that sub for ig. It was so expensive by the way soooo ahh more pressure. But i try to not let that get in the way too muchzz.

Im the only ‘foreigner’ thats taking the chinese paper for foreigners lol- irony! Hahahahaha

Last year, there was some girl who was the only foreigner who took the chinese exam and got a freakin A*** like woahh! So amazing and inspirational. She inspired me to take it hahaha

Gotta sleep now but wish me luck! This is the most unprepared exam ever:'( ughh


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