A Trip To The Beach

tuesday 22 7.06pm

On the 20th to the 22nd, my family went to Damai for some family time and such.. It was such a memorable trip. I’ve come to love trips involving the beach. To me, the beach was like a safe haven to relax, have fun, make memories and let go of the pain and trouble. I was ecstatic when i heard the news of a 3 day trip!!!!

We ate breakfast altogether in the morning and later on moved all our bags into the car and set off. It was an hour ride from the city to the beach. There were quite a lot of bags especially since my parents were planning to go golfing on one of the days at the Golf Club.

This trip made me spend the longest time with my sister. We were inseparable during the trip, sometimes it was because we wanted to, but mostly it was because there was no choice. We sat next to each other, we walked alongside each other, we slept together in the same bed in the same room, etc. Im glad huge fights did not break out between us… which would have if we had to spend that much time together when we were younger. We are a lot more mature now, that goes for the relationship we have as well.

I am very grateful to my dad who arranged this trip and brought us to eat delicious food at restaurants. AH i still can taste the food in my mouth; my mouth is watering. The food was absolutely scrumptious! Besides loving the food, i believe this trip has really been what i wanted it to be. Alone time for our family. My parents nor my sister may not think the same but at least i do. This may be our last trip together as a family before i leave, but i doubt so. Anyways, it was a hella fun trip for the end of the year. What a nice end to 2015.


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