wednesday 23 12.48am

Christmas; my favorite holiday i must say. I’m not Christian nor religous at all in fact… but there’s something so special about holidays. It brings people together, rekindle lost relationships, provide opportunities to make love, share, make memories with friends and family and also, they bring in lots of money for business. haha :p

I may not believe in Christianity or any religion but i do believe in the spirit of joy and laughter. Holidays do that; they can bring happiness, that is, if you allow yourself to get into the holiday spirit. Its just so much fun. Different people may have different traditions for Christmas. For us, we don’t wrap presents, we don’t decorate a Christmas tree, we don’t pray and say thanks for Jesus or any sort, but we do get into some tradition which i believe is important for a holiday because that will make you look forward to it. We always bake and cook together (me and my sister). We get inspired by Christmas recipes and compile a list of what to make and we go grocery shopping and start buzzing around! It is so fun!

So, my point is, even if you dont like it, don’t be a Grinch. Goddammit, it just makes your life sad.. have some fun in your life!! My Dad doesnt approve of Christianity but that doesnt stop me from getting into the holiday spirit of Christmas and get super excited!!!!! Life should be filled with joy. I dont know, i think that’s it. hahah ok bye


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