tuesday 22 7.24pm

Friendship… i never thought about it as a complicated thing because i believe as long as you find a person who’s alright, its not hard to be friends. i dont know. i can go on and on about how to make friends but that’s really just… boring. This post is NOT about that. It is what i think about friends and friendship, and where i stand in that now.

I am in a confused state in my life right now. How close is a close friend supposed to be? Who are my friends? Do i even have friends- are the ones i am thinking of deserve to be called my close/best friends? Or are they just considered friends and i have just been stupid calling them close all this time?

Nothing has happened- no fights have been made between any of us in our friendship circle. I just floated away. And i still am floating. I dont know whether to stop and put in effort to swim back into the circle (umm i dont even know if i have the ability and will to do that anyway- that is if i choose this), just remain where i am, or allow myself to keep floating away and eventually i will find another place, another circle, another island to explore and discover.

I have grown so far apart from my friends. And im not sure what to do. Its like an abyss of dark weightless emptiness.

….. just a thought ….. i dont know what to do but sigh. at this point of my life, im just glad to have a sister that is fulfilling all i want and need in a best friend. dont call it lame.


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