New Chapter of my Life

Its the first day of CNY here! Happy Lunar New Year to all the peeps celebrating. This was my first time being without my family for cny but also it was my first time being away from Sarawak and all the fireworks, good Chinese food, interaction with everyone and i cannot forget: ang paos.

I went to climb Broga Hill with 2 friends at 4am. It all started the day before (Sunday) when  my friend picked me up at 2pm to go KLCC. From there, we walked around and had some fun around that area as well as going to Pavilion, Sungei Wang and Fahrenheit. We then headed to an area near Shah Alam for fun at night, just to kill time. We ate and walked around the night market then headed to the petrol station where we changed and slept in the car for an hour or so. 3am and we were off to the hill.

The first leg of the hike was sooo difficult and arduous; i panted and heaved, like my heart had a problem. i never felt that weak and tired before. But i pushed harder and kept going. Woo that was definitely a new experience for me. Anyway, the second and third parts were not as hard as the first part, phew. We stayed at the 3rd point- we didnt go to the top… well because i just didnt want to. We waited and waited for hours for the sun. It wAS so cold.

IT WAS AMAZING. WOW. the view was spectacular and breathtaking. The view was sweet and i could feel the pain and tiredness from just before fading away to a distant memory lost somewhere in the back of my mind. It was so worth it. I dont know whether i would like to go back and go through the tough hike again… but i enjoyed this trip nonetheless.

We ate brekkie at Cheras area; i ate Roti Canai and my friends ate Nasi Lemak. We then headed to one of my friends’ house to chill and charge our phones and brains as we desperately needed rest. I slept so ‘tiredly’ as my head and body ached a little. I was so dead tired and my phone was 7% batt so we both charged up during the short stay at her house. We then ate lunch before heading out again to Midvalley this time!

I know… pretty crazy…

We parked at a convenient parking lot and then sat on the KTM which took us to Midvalley. I ate snacks and drank green tea latte as we walked around, exploring and window-shopping. We spent most of our time at Muji (GAH i love Muji). I bought contact lens solution from Watsons and then we were on our way back.

It was around 7pm when i arrived at my place. I said goodbye as they left. What a memorable trip. I spent around 30 hours together with them. What a way to spend cny day 1!

im dead tired. i need sleep. my body hurts. but i wouldnt have wanted to spend that time doing anything else.


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