The point??

Ugh. Time is passing so so fast. I’m at home in Kuching with my family and soon I have to go back to KL for college. I really liked this holiday except for the fact that i think my parents are spoiling me wayyy too much especially since it’s almost my last holiday before I leave for the States. I booked my flight ticket but I’m worried about my visa which the form still hasnt arrived yet. I just ordered new glasses and I’m meeting my a level friends on thursday after their exam. It’s been so long since I’ve seen them and it’s weird because I’m only seeing them for the first time 10+ days after I come to kuching? I dont know, feels weird. I just taught my sis some maths before her re-test because she failed her actual exam. I read some stuff about biology before my next semester starts and also I’m planning on sticking with Speech for next semester. I hate making the video part and all the other effort I have to put in making my speeches but I need 3 more credits??? Also, I’m going to work at Boost when the semester starts. I hope this all goes well lol. It’s my last semester so betta make the best out of it. + I’m gonna make a list of what I’ll need in the States when I transfer so that’ll be my next post.

Anyways, I don’t get the point. Like ugh. What’s all this. So much time passing and I feel like I’m barely enjoying anything. I want to be with my family until I get really sick of them again but do that without getting so spoiled because I feel so bad that my parents are spending sooo much that I’m here. When I’m in the States, they’re going to have to spend more on me anyway. Gah i dont know. Everything hurts and is annoying and I’m getting fat.

Okay bye.


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